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Commercial Roofing

Our licensed roofing experts have been setting the standard for roofing and repair for years. Commercial businesses in need come to us for all of their roofing needs. From small leaks to complete roof installations, our skilled teams are here to provide you with the best. What separates us from other commercial roofing companies is that we take the time to understand the problem. We will come out and evaluate the situation, carefully inspecting the source of the problem, keeping you informed every step of the way. Once we have your approval, we will work efficiently to repair, replace, or install your roof. 

Roof Inspection

Randy Jordan & Sons Roof Repair specializes in roof repair/inspection services for commercial customers in the Nashville, Tennessee Area. We have 45+ years of roofing experience in roofing and repair services.  Having a roof inspection performed annually is one of the most cost-effective and important ways a property owner can protect their home or business, Roof inspections are a key way of limiting those costly roof repairs or roof replacement. By having your roof inspected by a licensed roofing contractor, we can repair minor roof issues before they become major roof repairs!!! Saving you money in the long-run.

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